Hotel Borgo Egnazia


Borgo Egnazia is a spa hotel in Puglia. It is one of the richest archeological regions in Southern Italy bordering the Adriatic Sea in the east, the Ionian Sea to the southeast.
The unique ancient architecture, culture of this region and Mediterranean traditions  have found its personalization in this modern hotel. 

Borgo Egnazia3

Previously it was a private estate of the family Melpignano, named Masseria San Domenico. Later with architect and designer Pino Brescia they made their home with all its hospitality and rich culture accessible for guests.  Borgo Egnazia is an example of simplicity and elegance. It was built entirely of Tufo, a local type of limestone. Combination of pure lines, bright tones, natural materials with their nice surfaces, brings a lot of air and light in interior. In the same time warm illumination and highest attention to detail makes space cozy and even magical. 

Borgo Egnazia1
Borgo Egnazia4
Outdoor restaurant

Also in each room of the hotel creamy limestone walls, natural linen, flickering candles and artistical decor create a unique ambience. It is all about Puglia with authentic local traditions.  It is just a place you can find nowhere else…

Borgo Egnazia11
Hotel room
Borgo Egnazia12
Hotel room
Borgo Egnazia9
Hotel room
Borgo Egnazia8
Hotel room
Borgo Egnazia14
Hotel room
Borgo Egnazia10
Borgo Egnazia5
Pool area
Borgo Egnazia6
Pool area

 © Photos: Francesco Bittichesu

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